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Arya Saleh, ESQ.

About Arya
Founding attorney Arya Saleh is widely regarded as one of Maryland’s premier DUI and Criminal Defense litigators. He is a former Felony Prosecutor, having headed the Gang Unit within the Narcotics Division of the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office. Here, he quarterbacked local, state and federal investigations, encompassing an array of notably diverse targets: drug bosses, arms traffickers, outlaw bikers, and even grave robbers, to name a few. Prior to that, Arya began his career at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, leading to his appointment as a Judicial Law Clerk for fifteen District Court Judges in his home county.
Arya’s distinguished government service did not go unnoticed. He was recruited into private practice by a prominent defense litigator, challenging Arya to grow his already sprawling state-wide practice to unprecedented heights. Arya rose to the occasion, exceeding expectations throughout his seven-year tenure there. While responsible for running day-to-day operations from initial consult to final verdict, and stewarding overall revenue into uncharted territory, Arya learned an elite brand of defense litigation from his legendary mentor.
Today, countless clients from every walk of life have trusted Arya, to safely guide them through the darkest days of their lives, to successful outcomes before judges and juries - all over Maryland - keeping careers on track, families together, and hard-earned reputations intact.
No Maryland lawyer currently defending DUI and Criminal cases enjoys a larger, more devoted legion of loyal and happy past and present clients than Arya Saleh. This is not hyperbole but rather, an objective statement - supported simply by Arya's total number of reviews right here on AVVO - the nation’s largest independent lawyer review service. Indeed, AVVO recently confirmed that Arya currently possesses the highest overall rating and highest combined total number of reviews out of all Maryland DUI/Criminal attorneys, by a substantial margin.
Arya has devoted his career to mastering the nuances of the Courtroom, and takes great pride in putting his experience, knowledge and relationships to work for clients every day. He is known to often tell concerned clients, particularly during their initial consultation, “good people have bad days.” When they do, Arya is always prepared, standing ready to carefully help clients onto their feet, and to diligently plot every subsequent step ahead, toward ultimate victory.
For Arya, each new client that hires is not merely an additional piece of business, but rather, another fellow human being placing their life in his hands, entrusting him to expertly protect all that is dear to them. For Arya, nothing motivates him more than this awesome responsibility - to remain a leader in this realm, and to continue serving those who seek his counsel, every single day.
Arya is happily married to his beautiful wife, whom he first met in high school. They share two magical children and a rambunctious bull terrier. Arya is an expert swimmer, classically trained violinist and connoisseur of fine heavy metals.


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